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Barbershop and Grooming Salon for Men

Home of the Beard Bath

Here at Haircuts and Beards, not only do we take care of your hair, we pay just as much attention to your beard. We take the time to steam your beard using natural essential oils to keep it soft and plush to the touch.

It’s a VIP Service that is fit for a man of importance.

Barber Services

Our friendly and helpful staff is happy to assist with scheduling and can help you choose the best services for your needs.

Traditional Shave

The traditional Straight Razor Shave includes application of a steam towel to open up the pores and soften the hair follicles. Hot lather is applied and you will receive a first pass shave with the grain of the beard. A second application of hot lather follows, with second shave against the grain for a closer shave. A cool towel is applied to close the pores.

Barber Steam Facial & Beard Bath

Includes application of a steam towel to open up the pores, a facial wash, exfoliating scrub and a light facial massage.

Military Haircut, Emergency Personnel, Police

Regular Haircut discounted five dollars with I.D.

VIP Haircut

Haircut, Shampoo, Beard Bath, Shave of Choice.

Regular Haircut

Haircut of customer choice plus relaxing shampoo.

Silver Fox

Haircut for men 65 and wiser.

College Student

Haircuts for college students with I.D.


Haircuts for children 12 and under.

Hot Lather Head Shave
Beard Trim

Beard Trim that includes beard steam to soften the beard.

Mustache Trim
Neckline Trim

Neckline cleanup between visits.

Hair Color and Other Services

Whether you’re hoping to hide the grays that are starting to show up on your head, or just want to try a new look, our team is here for you with a range of men’s hair coloring service.


Color is the process of using a dye or tint to change the color of your hair to cover up the gray, or for cosmetic purposes.

Color and Haircut

An all-over permanent or semi-permanent color and customized haircut service.

About Haircuts & Beards Men’s Grooming Salon

Haircuts and Beards was established in March of 2022 to provide a stable environment for a barber and stylist. We wanted to set ourselves up as a refreshing change to the average chain salon and to become an asset to the community we serve.

Our Team

In addition to providing high-quality services, our team is also committed to customer satisfaction. We want to make you feel welcome and comfortable, and are always happy to answer questions and offer advice on how to best care for your hair.

Samantha Armstrong

Manager / Master Barber

Stuart Rouse

Master Barber

Featured Review

We always believe that the best review we can get is when a customer comes back again. But we also appreciate it when our customers think enough of us to tell the world!

Beard Care Tips


Wash your beard regularly. Remember that a clean beard is a happy beard.


Use beard oil. Beard oils are a must-have product in your daily beard maintenance regimen.


Trim your beard.


Use beard balm.


Use a beard brush.


Use a beard trimmer or shaping tool.

Or, to have your beard cared for by a professional,

Frequently-Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get. Your question may be among them. If it isn’t, please send us your question using the form below.

Do you accept walk-ins, or do I need to make an appointment?

We do take walk-ins, but are normally very busy so you might have to wait a while for service. To ensure you get the service you deserve, it’s best to make an appointment.

How long does an appointment usually take?

A haircut appointment generally takes around 30-45 minutes, while other services may take longer. Our barbers prioritize quality and take the time needed to ensure you leave satisfied.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Please call at least 2 hours before your appointment if you can’t make it. Sometimes we have a waitlist of people who would like to get in for a haircut, and we can usually fill those spots even on short notice. No call no-shows will have a grace period of one haircut, and if it happens a second time we ask for a $20 fee to compensate our barbers for their time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment options.